Help Us!

Below are links to sign up to help us with our Pack!  Lots of spots open, please volunteer your time to one event!

Committee Positions: (click on this link to sign up for one of the positions below)
  • I just want to help!
  • Recruitment/New Members Chair: Looking for a volunteer to connect with new families and recruitment new members.  Responsible for organizing the Spring recruitment event
  • Bookkeeper: Looking for a volunteer to collect payments, make deposits, track payments received, write checks, and keep the checkbook balanced.
  • Event Coordinator: Collect RSVPs, register for events, find suitable Cub Scout events, promote event in Pack, run event-day activities.
  • Secretary: Attend Roundtable meetings, take committee meeting notes, assist Bookkeeper in making record of Payments, keep Scoutbook up to date, maintain Pack Roster.
  • Camping Chair: Promote summer camp, reserve campsite, collect all necessary payments and registration paperwork, work with Bookkeeper to pay for camp.  Promote Day Camp program.  Organize school-year camping trips.
  • Committee Chair: Coordinate with all members of the committee, recharter Pack, create Pack Budget with Cubmaster and Bookkeeper, liason between Pack and Epworth Church, create Pack Calendar, reserve meeting locations.